Ch. 82: Life is Life

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

82 1“Life is Life” by Noah and the Whale. 2“In Came the Flood” by Wintersleep. 3“Passenger” by Powderfinger. 4“Blind Faith (Trolley Snatcha Remix)” by Chase & Status f/Liam Bailey. 5“Simple Math” by Manchester Orchestra. 6“I’ll Take Jesus for Mine” by Dead Horse Beats. 7“Time Ain’t On Your Side” Steven Wesley Guiles. 8“Falling Towards Heaven” by Ian McGynn”. 9“Born in Sin (Demo)” by Matthew Sweet. 10“You Got to Change” by GRiZ. 11“Rice and Beans (But No Beans)” by The Welcome Wagon. 12“Come, O Spirit!” by AImee Wilson. 13“Who” by David Byrne & St. Vincent.

Ch. 79: I’m Not Over It

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

79 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 1“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” by Arcade Fire 2“Dear God, I Hate Myself” by Xiu Xiu. 3“Parentheses” by The Blow. 4“I’m Not Over It” by Steven Wesley Guiles. 5“Triplets” by Bodies of Water. 6“Furr” by Blitzen Trapper. 7“Dear God 2.0” by The Roots f/ Monsters of Folk. 8“Corazon” by Bishop Allen. 9“Building a Religion” by Cake. 10“House of God (50 Mix)” by DHS. 11“God Told Me” by Sebadoh. 12“Youth is Wasted on the Young” by Hand Drawn Mountains. 13“All Delighted People” by Sufjan Stevens.


Ch. 76: I Shall Not Be Moved (You’ve Got To Move)

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

76 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 1“Two Steps” by Dignan 2“Nature Rules” by The Southern Sea. 3“Keep Me Coming Back” by Steven Wesley Guiles. 4“A Small House in the City” by Rodeo Ruby Love. 5“Wasting Your Town” by Trevor Giuliani. 6“I Have Forgiven Jesus” by Morrissey. 7“Oh, The Places We’ll Go” by LAKE. 8“But For You Who Fear My Name” by The Welcome Wagon. 9“You’ve Got To Move” by Two Gospel Keys. 10“I Shall Not Be Moved” by The Million Dollar Quartet. 11“Wrote It Out On Paper” by Monoson. 12“All The Sins of Men” by Zach Vinson. 13“In Circles” by Sunny Day Real Estate. 12“All Roads Lead Home” by Golden State.

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Ch. 65: Not in the Fire

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

65 1 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 2 “Not in the Fire” by Verra Cruz. 3 “The Book of Right-On” by Joanna Newsom. 4 “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes. 5 “Letter from God to Man” by Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. 6 “To Death with You” by The Cotton Jones Basked Ride. 7 “A Miracle” by The Elms. 8 “Lamb and the Lion” by The Mae Shi. 9 “Heaven” by Club 8. 10 “The Emergency” by Gileah and the Ghost Train. 11 “There is a Light” by Great Lake Swimmers. 12 “I’m Coming Home” by Wild Sweet Orange. 13 “What would I do were They Free?” by Micah Dalton. 14 “Little Wars” by Unwed Sailor. 15 “Lesson No. 1” by Viva Voce. 16 “Sunday’s Work Has Just Been Done” by Steven Wesley Guiles.

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