Ch. 78: Bless This Mess

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

78 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 1“Crown on the Ground” by Sleigh Bells 2“Bless This Mess” by David Bazan. 3“Kingdom of Rust” by Doves. 4“Revival” by Soulsavers. 5“Prophets” by A.C. Newman. 6“Oh, Death!” by Pearl and Beard. 7“Jesus Was A Cross Maker” by Frida Hyvönen. 8“The Face of God” by Pearls and Brass. 9“After The Storm” by Mumford & Sons. 10“When the Devil’s Loose” by AA Bondy. 11“Heavens to Purgatory” by The Most Serene Republic. 12“Guilty By Association” by Sanctified Glory Mountain Revival Family. 13“Bow Down and Die” by The Almighty Defenders. 14“Glory” by Laura Gibson.

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