Ch. 72: I Stand Corrected

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

72 1Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 2“Failing in Love” by Cool Hand Luke. 3“I Stand Corrected” by Vampire Weekend. 4“David’s Lamentation 268” by The Good Players (about Sacred Harp). 5“I’m a Jesus Child” by The Frogs. 6“I’ve Got a Feeling” by Andrew Dost. 7“Deliverance” by Jon Black. 8“I Can Barely Breathe” by The Manchester Orchestra. 9Hidden track by Red Umbrella. 10“Woulda Been Better” by Scratch Track. 11“Better Spit it Out” by The Cotton Jones Basket Ride. 12“Swamp” by Colour Revolt. 13“I Was Born (A Unicorn)” by The Unicorns. 12“Strike Me Down’” by Grampall Jookabox. 13“I’m Going to Go Meet Jesus” by Dead Heart Bloom. 14“I Shall Be Released” by Wilco and Fleet Foxes (originally Bob Dylan).

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Ch. 71: Infant Army

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

71 1Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 2“Call” by Scratch Track. 3“Wolves at Night” by Manchester Orchestra. 4“You Bought Me Twice” by Cameron Blake. 5“Sold! To The Nice Rich Man” by The Welcome Wagon. 6“I Am The Tempted” by Jon Black. 7“Sometimes” by Seabird. 8“Teardrop” by Jose Gonzalez (originally Massive Attack). 9“Infant Army” by The Pica Beats. 10“Jacob & Esau” by Joy Ike. 11“These Few Presidents” by Colour Revolt (originally WHY?). 12“Transliterator’” by DeVotchka. 13“Ghost” by Grampall Jookabox. 12“Transient’” by Noah Glenn. 13“This Is How The World Will End” by The Elms.

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Ch. 43: Theme Song Throw-down

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Boring Bored-Again theme songs from 100 Year Picnic, A.C. Newman, Jon Black, The Prime Ministers, The Front, and Half-Handed Cloud. Yawwwn.

Ch. 28: Turn the Other Cheek, Darlin'

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Boring music from The Class of 98, Sufjan Stevens, Katy Bowser, Andrew Osenga, Brent Cashell, Children 18:3, Glow, Fireflight, Jon Black, The Canvas Waiting, The Violet Burning, Danielson, The Wuffs, Rose Blossom Punch and Bosque Brown. Yawwwn.

Ch. 27: Miss Your Exit

Friday, June 30th, 2006

Boring music from The Canvas Waiting, Danielson, Soul-Junk, Glow, Sufjan Stevens, Wolfy, God’s Lonely Man, Half-Handed Cloud, Pushstart Wagon, Farewell Flight, Isaias Gabriel, Dignan, Jon Black, and Anathallo. Yawwwn.

Ch. 26: A Strained Relationship

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Boring music from Anathallo, Javelins, Jon Black, The Canvas Waiting, Sufjan Stevens, The Violet Burning, Mishka, Caroline Faust, And Then I Turned Seven, The Urban Sophisticates, The Billions, Jason Clark, The Myriad, and Half-Handed Cloud. Yawwwwn.

Ch. 24: Jesus will Stop the Tornado

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Boring music from Soul-Junk, Run Kid Run, Civilianman, Celeste, Maccabees, Monarch, John Davis, Jon Black, Leaving Araby, Half-Handed Cloud, Indieblockedappella, The Billions, Pedro the Lion, and Cush. Yawn.

Ch. 23: Blessed to Kill

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Boring music from Cush, The Billions, Half-Handed Cloud, Liz Janes, Jon Black, Ester Drang, Danielson Famile, Frank Lenz, The Myriad, Project 86, The Fold, Denison Witmer, Rose Blossom Punch, Monarch, The Violet Burning, and Trouble With Ferguson. Yaaawn.

Ch. 22: We're Very Greatly Loved

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Boring music from Half-Handed Cloud, The Myriad, Mae, Over the Rhine, Leaving Araby, Ester Drang, Trouble with Ferguson, Jon Black, Discover America, Anberlin, Pushstart Wagon, Mishka, Colour Revolt, and the Danielson Family. Yawn.

Ch. 11: Stay Humble

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Boring music from Tyler James, Starflyer 59, Adam Cates, John Davis, Fabrik, Stavesacre, Jon Black, From Here to There, Paul Wright, Romantica, Fireflight, Havalina, and Chucky NoSTARS. Yawn.