Street Team

You LOVE the podcast, right? Help us spread the good news about the Bored-Again Christian. Here are ten ways you can help support and promote the show:

1. iTunes. I know, you hate the man. But, this man happens to be the single best way for us to reach new listeners. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the show in iTunes. Once you’ve subscribed, write a review of the show to tell other people what they’re missing. (Curious how we rate? Check out the iTunes Featured Music ranking, sorted by total number of subscribers.)

2. Be friends. I can be friends with you, virtually speaking. Add me as a friend on Facebook, MySpace, LastFM, and The Sixty-One. This helps us stay in touch, especially when I need to borrow five bucks.

3. Share. At the bottom of every post on is a link that says “Share This”. Click that link and share posts and podcasts with your friends on Facebook, MySpace,, other social sites or via e-mail.

4. Post it. Prefer old-school plastering? Download the Bored-Again Christian promo poster (pdf), make as many copies as you want, and paste it everywhere there’s a flat surface.

5. Hug a musician. If you love the music so much, why don’t you marry it? Or at least show some love for the artists. Visit our musicians’ web sites/myspaces, buy an album, see a show, and let them know you heard about ‘em on the BAC (then they send us more music to play; it’s the circle of life).

6. Widgetize. If you’re on Facebook, add the BAC Podcast Application and stream each show right to your profile page. This makes it easy for your friends to listen and fall in love.

7. Link up. If you have your own web site, blog or on-line social space, place a nifty BAC banner/button or add the show to your blogroll and links list. We’d shore appreciate it!

If you need help with the code, send us an e-mail and we’ll send you the code to paste!

8. Phone it in. Leave a listener comment, band suggestion or BAC show intro by calling (480) 44-BORED. It’s a listener line: you talk, we listen.

9. Buy stuff. We’ve got great merchandise for sale at-cost. Buy some swag and be a walking testimony.

10. Be creative. Something we forgot to do? Just do it. We have creative listeners who make it happen by their own ingenuity. Let 7-10 friends know about the show.

Did all of it? E-mail or call us so we can pat you on the back. Thanks for loving The Bored-Again Christian. We love you, too.