Ch. 57: It Beats For You

September 8th, 2007 | by Pete |

Boring music from Bodies of Water, Overhang, Iron and Wine, Mighty Voices of Wonder, Eisley, Vigilantes of Love, Rue Royale, My Morning Jacket, Earthsuit, Of Asaph, Rocky Votolato, Mike Farris, Alexander, Joy Electric and Ecstatic Sunshine. Yawn.

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  • http://notreally Christian (really, that’s my name. Seriously)


    I was excited to see that Earthsuit is one of the bands you’ve dug out. They were one of my first discoveries in the Christian realm that really were cool and different. They were already broken up by the time I heard anything from them. At any rate, I didn’t think you’d choose stuff that isn’t current.
    Thanks man.

    While you’re at playing defunct bands, you should rock some Benjamin Gate.

    God speed.


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