John Davis: Arigato (2007)

November 15th, 2007 | by Pete |

When Knoxville indie rockers Superdrag disbanded in 2003, somebody forgot to tell frontman John Davis to unplug.

John Davis - ArigatoDavis is back with his second solo album, Arigato—an unapologetic Christian apologetic that is as ferocious in sound as it is convicting in lyric. Davis has a knack for straight-ahead rock ‘n roll that pulls no punches and delivers pulsing rock revelations.

The album’s lead track, Chant Down Babylon,” sets the pace for a rollicking exploration of Davis’ constant struggles between spirit and flesh. On “Lamentation vs. Laughter,” Davis declares, “Every step further along / feels alright for a time but it comes out wrong / We still trespass, we still transgress” — later admitting that “without You, all of this means nothing.”

Arigato is a big musical thank you both to a Creator who provides in spite of personal failure and to die-hard fans who continue to stick with a post-Superdrag John Davis.

Would put on a mixtape between: Superdrag and Stone Temple Pilots

Tracks to sample: “Chant Down Babylon” (iTunes), “I Need Someone” (iTunes), “Lamentation vs. Laughter” (iTunes)

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  • John

    I picked up this album, and cannot stop listening. I actually bought this because it was a package deal with his old album, and I really wanted the old album. I think I listen to this one more.

    Some albums I pickup and listen to a few songs – I can listen to every song on this album… all the time. This is another example of when music becomes an experience.

    If you haven’t noticed, I like this CD.

  • Pete

    It’s true. One time, I’ll listen just to the guitar. Next, I’m listening to the vocals. Third time through I’m grooving to the sweet basslines (also performed by JD). It’s a very listenable album.

  • Chuck

    Coming from a GINORMOUS John Davis fan it should come as no surprise that I can’t stop listening to this CD. I got it about ten days ago, and I’m already thoroughly engrossed with it. Yes, this new album is more like his earlier Superdrag sound, but there’s more to it than that. Where I used to hear the influences of Lennon, McCartney, maybe Brian Wilson … now I’m hearing Dave Grohl, too. It’s a much more straight-ahead rocker than his first solo CD, lacking anything like a ballad to break up the pace. John plays all the instruments himself (except drums), and there are no keyboards on it at all.

    As a struggling Christian myself, I have always appreciated John’s lyrics, and this album is no exception. He continues to let the listener in on what is going on within him.

    It would’ve been cool if the lyrics had been included with the CD, but they were not. Minor gripe. Get this CD, you will not be disappointed.