Christianity Today opens up Neon Bible

June 8th, 2007 | by Pete |

Christianity Today reviews the new album from the Arcade Fire, Neon Bible:

In an interview with Paste magazine, front man Win Butler offered a telling statement about the nature of the album: “There are two kinds of fear,” he said. “The Bible talks a lot about fear of God???fear in the face of something awesome. That kind of fear is the type of fear that makes someone want to change. But a fear of other people makes you want to stay the same, to protect what you have. It’s a stagnant fear; and it’s paralyzing.”

Quite a declaration, one that runs vis-??-vis the topical scope of Neon Bible. Far from a gospel album, Bible never really endorses God, or any other thing for that matter. It won’t tell you how or what to believe; it’ll simply cast a reflection???you decide if change is needed. Bible does this through a series of reprimands???against organized religion, popular culture, the government, and opportunists in general. Let the chips fall where they may.

The cynicism doesn’t mean Arcade Fire is necessarily out to down religion, though. In the same Paste interview, Butler said Neon Bible is ultimately about “addressing religion in a way that only someone who actually cares about it can. It’s really harsh at times, but from the perspective of someone who thinks it has value.”

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[Aside: I love this disclaimer that CT has started using for their music reviews and think I might have to start adopting the same: Unless specified clearly, we are not implying whether this artist is or is not a Christian.]

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