Like Flipping a Switch: Andrew Osenga Lightens Up

September 11th, 2007 | by Pete |

Christianity Today recently gave Andrew Osenga‘s band (Caedmon’s Call) an elusive “5 out of 5 stars” for their new album. CT asked Osenga a rock-standard question:

What do you hope people get out of your music?

For whatever reason, this particular time I was hit with an image that seemed, and still does seem, very powerful to me.

My answer a few weeks ago was that we’re all in this together. I started there, but quickly found myself talking about a little kid in a bedroom in the middle of the night. They see monsters in the shadows, hear something under the bed.

What good art does, and what I hope my music can do, is to turn on the lights. That monster is really a coat rack, that noise is the TV in the basement. When we talk about the things we’re afraid we can start to see them a little more for what they really are.

I used to get pegged a lot as being a sad-sack, a depressed, moping musician. I think that was probably fairly accurate, but those early songs were an unknowing attempt at doing this. As I grow as a writer, I find better ways to let the light in without acting like the darkness was never there.

The darkness is very real. We are fools to act like it’s not. But the darkness holds no power. It only holds fear, because it has nothing else.

This is the reason the good songs take us so low and bring us so high. God forbid I ever only write about the soft glow of a reading lamp, and forget about those dark nights or those sunny mornings.

And God forbid I only write about the dark, or only about the light. They are nothing without each other. The light wins. It always does. But we need to talk about that darkness.  We’re all in this together. It does no one any good to leave folks behind and hope they find their way.

What’s encouraging is not the darkness, though. Don’t hear me saying that. What’s encouraging is the journey from one to the other. To know it can happen. To see that it’s real. This is hope.

The light is most powerful when the door opens and the light floods in.

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