Ch. 78: Bless This Mess

February 2nd, 2010 | by Pete |

78 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 1“Crown on the Ground” by Sleigh Bells 2“Bless This Mess” by David Bazan. 3“Kingdom of Rust” by Doves. 4“Revival” by Soulsavers. 5“Prophets” by A.C. Newman. 6“Oh, Death!” by Pearl and Beard. 7“Jesus Was A Cross Maker” by Frida Hyvönen. 8“The Face of God” by Pearls and Brass. 9“After The Storm” by Mumford & Sons. 10“When the Devil’s Loose” by AA Bondy. 11“Heavens to Purgatory” by The Most Serene Republic. 12“Guilty By Association” by Sanctified Glory Mountain Revival Family. 13“Bow Down and Die” by The Almighty Defenders. 14“Glory” by Laura Gibson.

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  • Koula Amling

    This website just made my life. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allie223

    Ok… where'd all the good music go? I know you've got this fabulous star-struck life, but Pete, I need new music. I'm just a musically-starved teen in the wasteland of Kansas suburbia. Help.

  • buratino

    ???? ?? ????????, ? ???? ?? ????? SpamKarma2 ?????? ??? ????????? ????? ??????? ????????? ?????? ??????????? ????? ? ????????, ??? ??????? ?????? ?? ????????. ?? ? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ????????

  • B Maddigan

    Greetings Team,

    Please see:


    Help Us spread His Living Word…

    And Thanks SO Much… <'(((><

  • Chris

    Just found this podcast/blog. Really awesome. Hope to see more soon!

  • Nora Barth

    Wow, that really sucks…why don't you investigate the bands he's already given you and do your own work…:/ I imagine being in Kansas you have plenty of extra time on your hands…Ok that probably sounded harsh, but you know, you can do things for yourself.

  • Brandon

    Keep it coming! Love it! Music I can stand!

  • Mr.waiting for new podcast

    ummm…. yeah you and your new kid should listen to some good music and share! New podcast Insert —-> HERE.

  • dave

    Its not just the music…. Pete is really funny and fun to listen to as well…

  • Rainac


  • Doug

    I like this podcast a lot! Keep it up! Great music selection.

  • Tall Nate

    boo lady! Be kind he’s one of us.