Ch. 71: Infant Army

October 12th, 2008 | by Pete |

71 1Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 2“Call” by Scratch Track. 3“Wolves at Night” by Manchester Orchestra. 4“You Bought Me Twice” by Cameron Blake. 5“Sold! To The Nice Rich Man” by The Welcome Wagon. 6“I Am The Tempted” by Jon Black. 7“Sometimes” by Seabird. 8“Teardrop” by Jose Gonzalez (originally Massive Attack). 9“Infant Army” by The Pica Beats. 10“Jacob & Esau” by Joy Ike. 11“These Few Presidents” by Colour Revolt (originally WHY?). 12“Transliterator’” by DeVotchka. 13“Ghost” by Grampall Jookabox. 12“Transient’” by Noah Glenn. 13“This Is How The World Will End” by The Elms.

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  • Schnecky

    Pete…congrats on your new little gem!!!
    Enjoy your life never the same.

  • keith

    Great show! I really like the Scratch Track, Welcome Wagon, and Jon Black songs. The Elms song is also nice. Where did you get that Jon Black track? I mean, I’ll probably buy the record, but if I could point people to that track right now, that would be great. Oh, and pass the Sufjan dust.

  • keith
  • Ilvars

    I want to say thank you about this wonderfull podcast…. That’s where I’m listening to you…
    This is really nice possibility to get an extra original view of christian music – it’s creativity and wonderfull possibilrties to listen to something else not only the choirs used to hear in churches ….. :)

    Go on!!! Have a nice winter! :)

    P.s. … I’m Latvian – not used to english… :)

  • Alex

    LOVE Teardrop by Jose Gonzales. Lovely.

  • Ilvars

    Hey! … This podcast was so great … !
    Like: “Sold! To The Nice Rich Man” by The Welcome Wagon. … M… :)
    Please, make some more! I’m bored again … … :d

    … Good week end!
    I’m hoping to hear some more …

  • jim

    I just listened to this show today while on the road. Jon Black is incredible!! and think I’ll be looking at buying his album…I also enjoyed Welcome Wagon and Joy Ike. Thanks!