Ch. 68: Here’s Your Future

June 29th, 2008 | by Pete |

68 1 Intro: “Burn and Shine” by The Elms 2 “Storm Warning” by Red Umbrella. 3 “Strangers” by Son Lux f/ Jer1. 4 “All The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth (Live)” by The New Pornographers. 5 “Throwing Punches” by The Myriad. 6 “Here’s Your Future” by The Thermals. 7 “Evil Urges” by My Morning Jacket. 8 “I’m Going to Heaven To See If It Rains” by Close Lobsters. 9 “Evil Bee” by Menomena. 10 “Holy Ghost” by Laguardia. 11 “Christ for President (Live)” by Wilco. 12 “Serpent Charmer” by Iron and Wine. 13 “Church” by Plagiarists. 14 “A Soldier’s Song” by Dabney Morris. 15 “Everybody Hurts” by Bodies of Water.

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  • Justin

    Hey Pete,

    Can you explain your stance on why you chose to pick a group called “The New Pornographers” for your fellow Christians? Given the struggles that many men have with this issue, I find it a strange choice. If for not other reason that for name alone. I don’t think that is being legalistic either, because I listen to secular music within reason. But your audience might contain younger listeners. Just consider what I am saying and if you see any validity to it…well consider more carefully what you place out there? Hey, it is your station :), but I am pretty sure pornography doesn’t quite fit in there with the status quo of Christianity, whether liberal or fundamentalist? I’d love to hear back from you on this. Maybe I missed something in their bands name? Maybe it is a play on words, but from listening I sure didn’t get that on this end. -Concerned Young Listener

  • rave.n

    so, it’s taking me awhile to get thru this podcast.


    because i hear a song. and it rocks. so i must come to this website. research it. go to myspace. listen to more tracks. go to itunes. download the album. // and then come back to listen to more bac only to have the cycle repeat.

    thank you.

  • Pete

    Yeah, it’s like calling yourself a “Jesus Freak” or a group of people a “brood of vipers.” Or, I suppose, like calling rock music the new pornography. Pure, empty shock value.

  • Nick

    For the record, the Swaggart comment is not where the band name comes from. Band member Carl Newman came up with the name after watching a Japanese film entitled “The Pornographers”. Newman had no Idea of the Swaggart comment at the time of naming the band.

    The question arises: Does a band name effect the quality of the music or the message? Is the message weakened by a name like The New Pornographers? Not knowing the bands name, would you find the music objectionable? I am reminded of the great experimental group Jacki-O Motherf—-r. They have their album “Flags of the Sacred Harp”. They rearrange,reinterpret, etc songs from Sacred Harp Songbook. The songs are largely Appalachian church songs. Does there band name some how weaken the musics message? I think as normal human beings we can enjoy the music/message/etc. with out worrying if the band’s name is kosher or not.