Gileah and the Ghost Train – Gileah and the Ghost Train (2007)

February 14th, 2008 | by Pete |

Gileah Taylor and her backing Ghost Train create a hauntingly beautiful chorus in 2007’s self-titled release.

Gileah and the Ghost TrainThe album spans a great distance in range and emotion, from the throbbing dirge “The Devil” to the blooming optimism of “The Spirit”. The band finds its voice in “The Shadow,” exploring mystery through a jangly, piano-driven chorus. Most interestingly is Gileah’s ability to bend genres, as in the spiritual-turned-pop track “The Slave” with its declarations of “surely, surely, surely,” “swing low,” and “meet you at the river.”

Gileah proves to be a voyage of biblical proportions. Delicate vocals echo out over tight melodies, leaving this album to haunt your memory spin after spin.

Would put on a mixtape between: Eisley and The Innocence Mission

Tracks to sample: “The Slave” (iTunes), “The Shadow” (iTunes), “The Lazarus” (iTunes)

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